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How do I get the continence products I need?

You can get continence appliances on prescription, just like medication. Simply contact us to order continence appliances direct to your door.

Call: 0800 031 5403


Optimum Delivered is brought to you by Optimum Medical, specialists in urology products. Find out more about our patient-focused Ugo Urology range of products here.

How much does Optimum Delivered cost?

It’s free for all patients, thanks to our partnership with the NHS.

Are there any products I can't order?

You can order any product that’s available on prescription, including urology appliances and medication.

How do I avoid ordering too many products?

We’ll contact you each month to check on your stock. And because there are no automatic repeat prescriptions, you’ll only ever have what you need.

I'm going on holiday. Will I still get my delivery?

We’re all about flexibility. Just tell us when you’re going away, and we’ll make sure you get the products you need, wherever you are.

Where do you deliver?

You can get Optimum Delivered anywhere in the UK.

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